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Professional focus

The aim of Dnet Consult is to contribute to international development through networking among consultants and development partners.

The core competencies of Dnet Consult include the thematic issues of

  • Support for good governance and institutional development within the public sector
  • Cross-sector analyses and development initiatives with focus on synergies between the economic and social sectors.

Dnet Consult focuses on the following approaches and elements of the development process:

  • Design and implementation of studies, projects and programmes
  • Long-term institutional capacity development in the partner countries
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes and modes of cooperation with a focus on the achieved results and impact. The evaluation results are utilized for improvement of approaches, systems and tools, among others for
  • More systematic efforts for institutional capacity development
  • Improved institutional, social and economic sustainability of the results
  • Increased cooperation among the partners in the development process
  • Better integration of the cross-cutting issues of good governance, gender issues and environmental concerns in the development processes.


Dnet Consult ApS
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